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Allen KnifeloverI really like knives. In this passion I am not alone it is shared by many people. So there is nothing surprising in that I have been collecting knives for a long time. Wherever I was, I always bought myself a knife. All my knives worked nicely before they took a place in my collection. I use them in my housework, I cut bread, open canned food, cut wood, etc. In general, I perform full practical test as I understand it, and their condition often is far from ideal.

My tourist knife made of Damascus steelIt started with a knife that came to me from my father. The knife itself was quite ordinary (carbon steel, wood and deer bones). It was rather souvenir than practical tool. But the fact that it was the first my knife makes it very important for me.

Five years later I caught sight of a tourist knife made of Damascus steel. I could not pass by. We spent a few years together. The knife proved to be completely unpretentious. It kept sharpening fine and regularly cut everything that I offered him. The only drawback was the tendency to corrosion.

My next companion was a medium-sized cutting knife with a comfortable handle made of leather bands.

Nora kitchen knifeAfter some time I came to the conclusion that the Swedish knife Mora is suitable for kitchen tasks even better. I will not list all my knives I used and then sent them to a well-deserved rest in my collection. But my articles allow you to trace the main trend of changing my preferences and you’ll get some ideas of the advantages of knives of different types.

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