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I am Allen Mitrachi and I love knives from childhood. In general I believe, it is absolutely normal for a man to love tools and weapons (and the knife perfectly combines both). Since the childhood I always have folding penknife, a knife that helps me to sharpen pencils, open a bottle, cut the bread, etc. Of course, at first I had one knife, then I bought one more and so on… Now I have a little collection and it is growing. Many years have passed, but I can not stop in this hobby. I collect knives, and of course I constantly use the household.

And I have a lot of knives and they are very different: big and small, self-made and made by well-known manufacturers, all sorts of different things that only the soul desires.

I think, the knife is one of the first important human inventions. It can be said that our entire civilization developed with a knife. Many samples of cold weapons disappeared without a trace or took their place in museums, but the knife passed with humanity in the 21st century.

Naturally, with time the knife has changed a lot, it has adapted to the new tasks still successfully (as much as possible) solving old ones. They become more universal, stronger, decreasing in size and weight.

The materials published here express my personal opinion. I do not in any way claim to be an expert or a professional in the field, I write about things that interest me, express my personal thoughts and personal opinion.

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