How to choose the best carving knife

What is the carving knife

best carving knife slices meatCarving knife is used to slice thin cuts of meat. Usually, you need the knife, when serving meals like hams, poultry, roasts or other large prepared meats (wiki). The knife is a large one. It has narrow long blade 8-15” long. To carve precise and very thin slices, you need the best carving knife, usually it is much thinner than multi-purpose knives, particularly at the spine.

Main features of the best carving knife


Firstly, let’s talk about common features of carving knife’s blade.
The blade of this knife should be made of a high-carbon or alloy steel. Such blade keeps its edge and is easy to sharpen. Sometimes, it has titanium nitride coating, or can even be fully ceramic.

Damascus steel knivesJapanese or Damascus steel are also a good option. But one of the most common options presented on the market for reasonable price is stainless steel blade. It is rust-free and easy to clean. Another important thing is blade’s flexibility, it allows you to follow the curves of the bones.

Desirable length of knife blade depends on the type of served meal. The 8” knife can be too short for some bigger jobs.


Secondly, let’s discuss carbon steel carving knife
Comfort in your hand is one of the key qualities. Your hand should feel natural with the handle. Thus, it is usually made of wood, plastic or composite materials, comfortable to handle and easy to clean. The smooth and curvy shape of handle (triple-tang design, for example) makes it comfortable to use in any position and angle.

Weight and balance

The next important thing is knife’s weight and balance of the blade. The best carving knife is one that exactly matches your strength to handle it with minimal work. The handle should give you good control over the blade tip.


One more thing to remember when you already have got your best carving knife is to properly take care of it. Most of classic carving knives require only hand-washing with warm water with immediate drying after. Using of dishwasher for this purpose is not recommended, but possible for some modern types of knives.

Best carving knife offers on the market

There are many brands and different options to choose from. Some of the top consumer-rated brands are Calphalon (USA), J.A.Henckels (Germany), Victorinox (Switzerland), Wusthof (Germany), Komachi (Japan), Zyliss (Switzerland), Morakniv (Sweden) and many others. Most of these brands have more than one hundred years history and millions of loyal consumers.

To choose the best carving knife, it’s important to have a personal experience with it. So you should definitely go to the shop, handle one in your hands, try it and make your own decision.

As a classic choice I’d recommend Wusthof Classic 9-Inch Carving Knife. Precisely forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel, its blade features a very sharp edge. Its Full-tang triple-riveted synthetic handle is comfortable and well balanced. The blade is flexible enough to bend around a bone to continue a fine, precise cut. Carving turkey or ham with this knife is like cutting butter with a hot one. Its blade is really so sharp that I always store my best carving knife in the original box, afraid of my teenager kids could cut themselves by accident.

I usually experiment with various degrees of thickness when making slices. With my best carving knife I could make them paper thin if I wanted! It comes very sharp out of the box, the edge stays keen for a very long time, and, if needed, it is really easy to sharpen. Of course, this knife is expensive, but its quality is awesome.

All I can say, that carving the Thanksgiving turkey or a large ham with this one of the best carving knives is a joy, thus this one will be on your kitchen for years, or even decades if you get one of them for yourself!

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