What to Look for in a Machete?


How do you choose which machete you want? A breakdown of the features mentioned above would be a good start. You want to choose a combination that would suit your purposes.

Blade Length

The blade length is a simple but important consideration. Which is your priority: portability or reach? Obviously, a longer blade has longer reach. However, it would be harder to transport. A shorter blade would be more portable at the cost of shorter reach. If you don’t really do heavy duty work, then a shorter blade would be practical. Otherwise, you might want to sacrifice convenience for more efficiency. If you want to get a little of both, go for an average blade length.

Blade Material

Blade material has different properties. A carbon steel blade is harder and retains edge sharpness longer compared to stainless steel. It is also cheaper. However, it is prone to rust if not maintained regularly. Sharpening is also more difficult.

Stainless steel resists stain so it requires less maintenance than carbon steel. It is easier to re-sharpen as well. However, it is pretty soft, easy to dull, and more expensive.

High carbon stainless steel combines carbon steel durability and stainless steel rust resistance. But it is even more expensive than the previous two materials. It also has low heat tolerance.

If you want a machete for functional purposes, such as agriculture or survival, carbon steel is more ideal. Stainless steel is better for display purposes. If you are prepared to spend the extra cash, then get a high carbon stainless steel blade to serve both purposes.


If you will be using the machete for heavy-duty work, like chopping hard wood or slicing large game meat, you want one with a full tang. A full tang extends to the handle’s end with rivets keeping it in place.

Blade Style

For choosing the blade style/shape, your intended use for the machete plays a big part. But as discussed earlier, machetes are generally versatile so you can base your decision on the look.

The bush and bolo machetes are general-purpose tools. The bolo gets a heavier weight distribution towards the top of the blade which aids in stronger chopping blows.

Double-edged machetes, like the Colima and Hawkbill styles, are good for clearing vegetation since you slice on both the forehand and backhand stroke.

Handle Material

Handle material also has advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Wooden handles are lightweight, provide good grip, and feel warm on the hands. However, they are more expensive. They also require more attention since they are prone to bacteria buildup and cracking due to water exposure.
Molded plastic handles are easy to maintain and low-priced. They can get slippery though. They may also turn brittle and discolored with time.
Stainless steel handles look nice and only harbor few bacteria. But they are also slippery and expensive.
Rubber handles feels comfortable because of good grip and softness. They can get worn easily though.
Leather handles also provide firm grip. Maintenance is quite tedious though and may get slippery with time.
Micarta handles have good grip and it is really durable and comfortable. But these qualities come with a high price.

Handle Styles

Handle styles also have different properties.
Quillon handles prevent your hand from slipping towards the blade. But it offers little knuckle or hand protection.

D-ring/Knuckle guard handles give a high level of hand protection and also prevents slipping. The usual problem, though, is that they don’t fit all hand sizes and adds weight to the machete. The same is true for crossguard handles.

Choosing a Knife Set

When you own a beautifully designed kitchen room in your neighborhood, you might want to take into consideration the utensils you will want to utilize in your kitchen area. Aside from offering extra class appeal to your own kitchen, a nice knife set to improve taste of foods you cook or prepare is also important. A nice kitchen knife will make your cooking time enjoyable and fun.

The very important factor to consider when you are planning to purchase kitchen knife is your budget. Ask yourself if you are really willing to shell out $500 for one set of knives or you just want to spend less than $50 thus if you take into account your budget, you might end up purchasing on things, which are not really needed in your kitchen. You must be practical and realistic on your needs, refrain from thinking about throwing parties and foods you will be preparing with your new knife set you ‘ ve been planning to purchase for they might not take place.

The cooking style you constantly perform will determine what kind of knife set type you must have. If you commonly cook Japanese cuisine, you will be needing to use boning and fillet knife. For a Chinese cuisine, you will only need a single chef knife to do the task. You must ask yourself if you want more than a single set of knives or if you like all types of knife in your kitchen room like, utility , paring knife, chef knife,, cleaver knife, boning knife, ham knife, butcher knife, steak knife, and vegetable knife. Make a note of the dishes or foods you have made the past months, it will aid you in having realistic image as to what knife set type you need for your own kitchen room.

The next step you must do is to test each kitchen knife. Try to feel each knife handle type. A perfect knife must provide you with a grip that is secure and make you feel that you are the one in control. Some knife sets are very lengthy while some are very short that it will make you feel uncomfortable using it while preparing food. You must also check the knife’s blade and see to it that the blade is sharp and stainless steel. You will not be able to check its sharpness by using it on your finger on your own finger or someone else’ finger, however many shops have available food that you may test a knife with. If you plan to purchase your knife set from online shops, you must first visit a physical shop then check the actual knife before deciding to take out or key in the code numbers of your credit or debit card. Purchasing knife set online is cheaper, however you to make sure you have an idea of the product you are ordering before clicking your mouse on the order form.

When selecting the perfect knife set for your own kitchen, you may like to compare it with the actual knife set, then comparing the materials used on blade edge, blade, and handle. You may observe that some choices are better compared to others. You will most likely prefer the best ones over the other sets which do not have the quality you are searching for. You may as well want to check the types of knives included in knife set package being sold in order to make sure that you are paying for the specific knife type that you need for your cooking task.

Material of Blade :

  • Carbon steel knife – this knife is re-sharpened easily however it is vulnerable to stains and dust. Its blade should be cleaned properly, dried, and then lubricated after using.
  • Stainless steel knife – This knife requires being re-sharpened more often, however it is difficut to sharpen. It is highly corrosion-resistant type. It comes in affordable rate.
  • High carbon type stainless steel knife – This knife does not stain or discolor and is sharp edged.
  • Laminated knife – This knife is of high quality. It is typically made tougher compared to traditional knives, thus creating a more precise cutting ability property.
  • Titanium knife – This knife is lightweight and has less resistance to wear and tear. This usually comes in an expensive price, thus not a good option for a kitchen utensil.
  • Ceramic knife – This knife is light, very hard, and does not corrode easily. It needs special device for sharpening. It very delicate and will surely chip.
  • Plastic knife – This knife is not too sharp and is just commonly utilized for chopping or cutting vegetables or fruits.

Edge of the Blade:

  • Flat ground blade – This blade edge decreases from its thick spine going to the sharp edge in convex or straight line. It is tougher and heavier compared to a knife that is hollow ground type.
  • Hollow ground blade – This blade has beveled and concave edges, which has ground beginning in the middle down the knife’s blade edge instead of its spine. It has thinner edge that has better cutting skill. It is also less durable and lighter.
  • Serrated blade – This blade is saw-like, scalloped, and wavy. It is suitable for cutting foods that are tough outside but soft inside like tomatoes and bread.
  • Granton blade – This blade has scallops ground, which is semi-serrated and alters on both sides, continuing to the center portion. It is suitable for separating and cutting cheese, vegetables, and meats.

Material of Handle:

  • Wood handle – This knife handle offers good hold however it must always be cleaned thoroughly and sporadically treated using a mineral oil. It usually warps and cracks when exposed to water for long period of time.
  • Plastic handle – This knife handle is cared for easily and it does not absorb microorganisms. It is less ultraviolet-resistant and become crisp after some time, leading to cracking. It can also be slippery.
  • Composite knife handle – This knife handle is constructed of wood composites, which are laminated and combined with a plastic resin. It is mainly considered as the perfect choice because it can be cared for easily. It can last for a very long period of time.
  • Stainless steel knife handle – It is considered as themost durable choice and most sanitary as well however it is very greasy.

Purchasing A Knife Set

Buying knife set for your own kitchen is sometimes a difficult task. There are numerous designs and types that are available in the market to choose from. Most knife blades are of surgical type stainless steel however the knife handles are composed of various materials. Among the very common materials are the metal, wood, thermo resin, and plastic. A good knife must perfectly fit in your hand and must show off a design that is ergonomic. Most individuals say that you just get the quality that you have spent on knife which are more expensive are sharper and more durable. Bear in your mind that knife with straight edge is sharpened easily but serrated knife will not be sharpened easily. Choose a particular knife set, which is cleaned and maintained easily. Many knives of higher quality have sharp blades therefore it should not be considered as a bad option to choose a knife, which is dishwasher safe in order to prevent accident when you clean the blades. Knife set must be chosen carefully as it is among the significant tool s you will keep in your kitchen area.

Cold Steel Recon Scout Kraton Handle with Blade

The Cold Steel Recon Scout Kraton Handle with Blade is a survival knife that you’ll want to bring along with you for an outdoor adventure and one that you’ll be eager to show off to your camping buddies. This knife can be compared to the Trail Master Bowie. The black blade is 7 ½ inches long and is made out of SK-5 high carbon. You will like the thickness of this blade, its shape and handle as well. This knife measures 12 ½ inches overall.

This knife could almost do everything. It is able to make a hole in the wall as well as skin a whitetail deer. I like the fact that the steel is high-carbon which made it easier to sharpen. Your hands, even sweat, are able to grip the handle well. It chops wood and splitting it with ease.

The sheath isn’t always very good in securing this knife. The sheath don’t bite the knife hard enough; it isn’t held in strongly.

This is a survival knife that I believe, will serve the purposes that you need. It’s a good knife to have at home for some heavier duties than usual and it’s also a great knife to take with you when you leave the comforts of your house. This can handle heavy tasks such as chopping wood, meat, and more. We believe that this knife comes with great value and it will be one that you can’t live without.

Chef’s Choice 120 Knife Sharpener

The knife sharpener isn’t being given the proper attention that it deserves. It is so much more than that kitchen tool in the corner that is used to sharpen knives with. Because of the knife sharpener, knives that are valued to be more than a couple hundred dollars are always kept sharp, never dull. It also keeps you from having to purchase new ones every few years.

There are a lot of knife sharpeners that you can choose from, depending on your budget and what you are most comfortable with. Take your pick at today’s hand-held sharpening blocks to the more technological savvy electrical sharpeners. There used to be a time when only chefs use these handy kitchen tools, but now more and more households are discovering the benefits of this underrated device. And it would do you well to have one of your own.

Which is why we decided to make our own knife sharpener reviews. Our first product is a Chefs Choice knife sharpener which is the 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener. Is it going to be a good buy? Will it be able to keep up with you in the kitchen? Find out all about the Chefs Choice 120 below.

Here are the things that you will get once you decide on the Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener.

· Trizor-Plus edge with its precision angle control
· Can be used with butcher knives, chef’s knives, sporting knives, and even serrated blades
· 100% diamond abrasives in stages 1 and 2 sharpen and hone
· Operates very fast
· Will never detemper
· 3-stage sharpening procedure for all kinds of knives
· Weighs 5 lbs
· Comes in different colors: Black, White, Red, Metal, Chrome, Brushed Metallic and Platinum
· Measures 9-3/4” by 4” by 4-1/4”
· Is backed by a 3 year warranty
· Made in the U.S.

The Knife Sharpener is very easy to use – use it on your knives and its back to its usual sharp self in seconds. It’s soo good that it is guranteed to work effortlessly through the most delicate foods such as prosciutto and smoked salmon as well as different kinds of meat and fibrous foods. Nothing is too tough, nor too tender. And what’s more, it’s durable and it’s definitely something that you know will last for lots and lots of years.

“While most home “sharpeners” merely hone your knives, the Chef’s Choice 120 product actually crafts a new, razor sharp edge on your knives. The triple angle edge looks rough, but is actually quite sharp. I have used this product with “factory new” results on all of my Wusthof-Trident Culinar knives. This sharpener is in fact recommended by Wusthof-Trident for use on their knives–please refer to their “Comprehensive Guide On Honing and Sharpening” available on their website. This product is designed to sharpen knives with approximately a 20 degree cutting edge. Altogether, I highly recommend this product.

Kershaw Antelope Hunter Knife

I think the truth is – most knives are $20.00, just some sell them for hundreds, including Kerhsaw, SOG and others.  I mean, how costly can a knife with G-10 or rubber handles be?  I don’t care what the blade is made of…

I’ll tell you, mostly this knife was used on wood.  I either used it to peel some fine shavings for tinder, or used it as a baton to knock off chunks or slivers of wood.  Just last weekend my brother in-law and my grandson had a slug –fest with a stump, the knife and some fatwood (Bing “fatwood” and you’ll see why this is epic in starting fires).  We beat the ever-livin’ tar outta that knife!

The blade is 8CR13MOV.  It cut paper straight out of the box.   The edge needed continues touch ups after each use, but what knife wouldn’t after constantly being smashed against hard woods? Perfect!

Personally, my favorite trait about this knife, like the Utica Hunting Knife I reviewed earlier is ….. perfect balance!! Yeah, just the right amount of blade as proportioned to the handle – not too long, not too short.  I feel like I’m in touch with the entire blade, all the way to the tip!  I also felt there was enough belly to the Antelope knife to give it shoulders when prying. I know, I know, we’re not supposed to pry, but when you’re trying to peel that last sliver of fatwood from the base of the pine stump – you bend the rules a little sometimes.

In addition to the length, the spine also has thickness giving the blade more “umph!”  I immediately think of other survival knives used in shaving wood for tinder and know we would have busted those blades with the prying we did.

The sheath was a ruffle in my feathers.  While the sheath is attached to your pants belt, the button-snap closure would curl back in after the knife was removed.  When attempting to place the Kershaw Antelope back into the sheath the button-snap would be in the way.  It ended up being a 2-hand task every time…..I compare that experience to the Utica Hunting knife where the knife slimply slid back into the sheath.  Not every angle of knifing can be perfect I guess!

For the money, it’s hard to beat….near impossible actually!

Pilot Survival Knife with Thermorun Handle and Zytel Sheath

The Pilot Survival Knife with Thermorun Handle and Zytel Sheath is a good sturdy knife to have when out on a wilderness adventure or if you’re scouting areas that you are not familiar with. It has a steel laminated VG10 blade that is 3 4/5 inches long. The handle is made out of thermorun while the sheath is made of zytel. The knife is 8 1/3 inches long overall.

Although only 10 customers reviewed this survival knife, it earned a perfect 5.0 average customer rating. This means that this knife had a great impact on its customers. All 10 customers individually scored this a perfect 5.

Many found that this beautiful knife was able to meet their needs and expectations. One customer who had other knives of other brands especially loved this one. He found that the weight was perfect and its thickness too. He was able to perform an array of tasks. He also found that the size of it was perfect in his large hands. It’s simple design and that the steel is resistant to rust are other features that this reviewer likes. So many other reviewers echoed his like for this knife. Many found that it was very sharp just like a razor and the edge had a good hold. Another reviewer found that the handle still was good to use even after it got wet either from rain or blood. One reviewer shared that he was able to do a clean kill with 3 grizzly bears with this knife. It’s also good to use whether for bush craft, cutting, or even just preparing a simple meal. This knife which is a bit on the expensive side is reasonable and worth its value stated one reviewer. Numerous reviewers recommend this knife and one reviewer exclaimed that he will be buying more knives from this company.

There were a few concerns regarding this best survival knife. A reviewer experienced that the no-questions-asked warranty isn’t necessarily true. Other reviewers also complained about the warranty; but like one reviewer stated, he felt that the knife was going to last a long time anyway. A few reviewers also complained that the lanyard hole should have been closer to the knife’s butt. One reviewer wished that the sheath was able to accommodate a knife that was put into it in any direction since the knife can only fit into it one way. Also, this same reviewer wished that the grip was better because he was afraid of slipping while using the knife.

Based on the ratings and experiences of the customers, we believe that this is a great survival knife. It’s simple but will do the tasks needed. It is made of great quality as noted by the customers and can serve multiple functions. Whether you’re looking for a survival knife or a knife that is an all around, this knife will meet your expectations. We highly recommend this knife.

Recon Scout with Kraton Handle and Plain Blade

The Recon Scout with Kraton Handle and Plain Blade might be the simple but best survival knife that you can bring with you for the next camping trip. The steel blade made out of SK5 high carbon is black which has an epoxy finish. The blade measures up to 7 ½ inches and it is 5/16 inches thick. The handle which is made out of Kraton is 5 inches long. Overall, it weighs 15 ounces. A sheath in included in the package.

Although there were only a handful of customers who reviewed this product, it left an impression because it earned an average customer rating of 4.7 out 5. We can also see in the breakdown of the scores that majority were impressed and satisfied as 81% of the customers gave this a score of 1 while scores 4 and 3 each earned only 9%.

This survival knife was liked for many different aspects. One reviewer liked how the blade was made out of steel; he mentioned that it may not be the best steel, but it really works and can be easily maintained through sharpening which is easy. On top of that, its thickness makes it worthy enough to be used as a hammer. The handle easily absorbs shock and is easy to grip even if it is wet. He noted that the handle was durable. This reviewer liked the performance of the knife so much that he bought another and sent it as a gift to his son who as at that time living in Iraq. One reviewer mentioned that he liked the sheath. The knife can be put into the sheath many different ways. Another feature that was liked about this knife was that it’s heavy enough to do other things like cut wood which makes it multifunctional. The balance as one reviewer stated was great.

There were a few issues regarding this best survival knife. One did not like the sheath. The customer who gave it a score of 3 only did so because of the possibility that this was made outside of the United States. This customer believes that for the best steel products, U.S. made products are the best.

A few concerns about this knife were raised. However, it does not erase the fact that the average customer rating for this knife is pretty high; in addition, the lowest score given was only a 3 but for the reason that it was not made in the U.S. Everyone else is happy and satisfied with its make, design, and performance. Thus, we believe that this knife will make a great survival knife when out in unfamiliar territory. In addition, this knife will be handy to have when you need to do some duty work.

Chefs Choice 130 Knife Sharpener

Our next best-selling knife sharpeners in the market is the Chefs Choice 130 Professional Sharp Station Knife Sharpener. Everybody knows that Chefs Choice is one of those brands that always come out with quality kitchen products, but is the Chefs Choice 130 one of them? Is it safe to say that it will go the distance for you?

Can you count on this Chefs Choice knife sharpener to do its thing and come out with great results? Or would you have to keep on sharpening your knives up every few days or so? Let us see what this electric knife sharpener has that the others simply don’t. Is it worth the money you will be shelling out? Will it be a good choice? Find out if it is, and if not, at least you’ll be the first one to know.

Chefs Choice 130 Professional Sharp Station Knife Sharpener at a Glance
The Choice 130 Professional Sharp Station Knife Sharpener have these features and functions to offer.

·Designed for stropping, steeling and sharpening different kinds of knives
·Will work on straight edge or serrated knives, even Asian, kitchen, sports, even pocket knives
·100% diamond abrasives sharpen edge
·Weighs 4.6 lbs
·High-precision, user-friendly elastomeric angle guides that are built right in.

The Chefs Choice 130 Professional Sharp Station Knife Sharpener can be used on whatever kind of knife you have. Can work on serrated knives or straight-edged knives. Whether your knives are for the household, fishing, hunting, fishing, sports, or even if they’re your trusty pocket knives, you’d be amazed at how good it is. You don’t even need to be an expert, it’s going to do the job for you, with minimal effort on your part.

Wusthof Precision Edge Diamond Electric Sharpener

The biggest mistake in looking for kitchen sharpeners is settling for the first thing that you see in the market. But, it’s a natural mistake. We all aren’t chefs that know our way in and around the kitchen, so it is only but natural that we think all knife sharpeners are the same.

But a knife sharpener could be very handy in the kitchen. It can also save you money by keeping your old knives sharp so you won’t have to buy new ones anymore. But like every single purchase, yo have to get to know the product first. You have to know what it is you want your knife sharpener to be.

Would you like it manual or electric? In determining whether it really is an electric knife sharpeners that you need, consider how many knives you will be sharpening at a time. If you’ll be using it professionally then by all means, get an electric unit. But if you’re only going to be using it a couple of times each year, then it’s ok to settle for the manual type.

The next product we have for today is the Wusthof Precision Edge Diamond Electric Sharpener. Find out if this is really going to do a good job of keeping all your precious knives in tip-top shape.

Here are the features that the Wusthof Precision Edge Diamond Electric Sharpener has to offer

· This electric knife sharpener has Interlocking Diamond wheels that can sharpen both the sides of your knife at the same time.
· Comes with a stainless steel housing
· Has 2 stages for fine and coarse grinding
· For added safety, non slip rubber feet have been installed
· For easy cleaning, there is a magnetic Clean Out Slot placed under the machine
· Measures 10” by 5” by 5”
· Weighs nine pounds

The Wusthof Precision Edge Diamond Electric Sharpener will give you great, sharpened knives each time. It has interlocking diamond abrasive wheels that are crafted in the US so you’re assured of its quality. Minimal effort, lesser time. That’s what you’re going to notice every time you use it. You can use this on damaged knives, or simply to restore its sharp edge. It does the job and it does the job well. Impressive.

The Pros and Con on Having a Carbon Steel Knife

A knife is very significant to those who work in the kitchen or have passion for things that takes place in the kitchen. As for me, a graduate student that is fresh off the boat from culinary school, I really am very particular on the knives that I’m working with. The knives that I work with must be sharp, light and comfortable. I know most of you out there have the same mind set as well. Who would want to work with knives that aren’t sharp enough to cut through chicken meat right?

Well, today I’ll talk a little about the infamous carbon steel chef knife. There are many best cooking knives out there but the carbon steel knife is one of the best and it is much better than a regular stainless steel chef knife. So, we will talk about the good and the bad of having a carbon steel knife.

A carbon steel chef knife is much sharper and has a distinctive edge compared to the regular stainless steel knife. It doesn’t lose its sharpness and it maintains the tip and edge even after using it for several years. Carbon steel is light so it doesn’t strain your wrist while you parry, debone and cut through meat. Carbon steel consists of an alloy of an iron and a little more or lesser than a per cent worth of carbon. Most chefs use carbon steel knives to fillet various types of meat because it gives the clean and neat finish towards it. It slices it smoothly and the sharpness of it just blows your mind away.

There aren’t really many advantages in owning a carbon steel knife apart from it being sharp holds longer edge and stay sharp longer. It has more disadvantages towards it and it is really hard to maintain. Carbon steel knives are prone to rust and stain and it is very difficult to remove them in time. As time goes by, a patina (similar to oxidation) will form on the surface layer of the knife. If the patina is not treated, the knife will corrode and rust. You will need to lubricate the blade of the carbon knife after using it and let it rest a day so that patina will not form on its layer. The maintenance of having a carbon steel chef knife is really high and patina must be avoided in any way possible. If patina is found and your knife is oxidized, it will give a sort of metallic taste to the food you’re preparing but it is not poisonous.

Carbon steel knives are also expensive because of the material it uses and there aren’t many knives that are currently in production. Most of them are pre-ordered and only the Middle East and Asia has the most production number on carbon steel knives. So, if you really are into sharp knives and tired of sharpening it every time, you should get one but remember, you will need to take good care of it!