Gerber 30-000176 Serrated Edge Knife

The Gerber 30-000176 Serrated Edge Knife is a multipurpose fixed-blade knife that comes with a unique design on a drop point blade, which has been modified for added strength and reliability. The blade is made of stainless steel with hard chrome-molybdenum, and comes with a blunt tip but with a serrated edge, making it perfect for cutting through just about any kind of material.

It also features a bottle opener integrated onto its handle, which is made of textured and glass-filled nylon to give you a comfortable and easy-to-control grip. Its compact size also makes it very handy, and the locking case is rigid to keep from unnecessary injury. The knife can lock securely into the sheath. When open, the knife measures 7.3 inches, with a 3.4-inch blade. The pocket clip is also reversible, making it perfect for left as well as right-handed carrying.

The customers who have used this knife gave it an average rating of 4.2 stars. They liked how it arrived very sharp and the edge was very easy to maintain. They also appreciated how the sheath could be mounted ambidextrously while keeping the blade smartly secured inside. One reviewer liked how the knife was very well-balanced and came with a slim handle that fit his large hand quite well. The handle also came with two lashing holes which he could use if he wanted to use the knife as a spear. He also described it as looking and feeling very durable. He also found it very “innovative” to have the knife snap into place when put into its sheath, as it helped prevent possible loss.  Another user described the knife as “amazing,” with a good feel and weight. He appreciated the tip as a nice feature. The price was also considered a very good feature for this knife, which was described as very comfortable.

The complaints for this knife were mainly an issue with the sheath, with pushing in the blade resulting in the side of the sheath getting cut after some wear and tear had occurred. The knife was also commonly found to bring the sheath with it when drawing it. At least one other buyer commented that the included belt clip was not exactly a belt clip and looked more like a boot clip, as it would not hold onto anything other than boots with a padded collar.

Meanwhile, the reviewers also warned buyers from misunderstanding the size of this knife: they described it as a moderately-sized knife and not a large one, comparing it to the size of a pocket knife that did not fold. One user pointed out that it was made in China, but still described it as a decent knife, although he did give it 2.0 stars.

For its versatility we would highly recommend this knife, although, based on the customers’ dissatisfaction with the sheath, we would recommend you to get a different sheath, or at least after you wear out the first one.

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