Kershaw Antelope Hunter Knife

I think the truth is – most knives are $20.00, just some sell them for hundreds, including Kerhsaw, SOG and others.  I mean, how costly can a knife with G-10 or rubber handles be?  I don’t care what the blade is made of…

I’ll tell you, mostly this knife was used on wood.  I either used it to peel some fine shavings for tinder, or used it as a baton to knock off chunks or slivers of wood.  Just last weekend my brother in-law and my grandson had a slug –fest with a stump, the knife and some fatwood (Bing “fatwood” and you’ll see why this is epic in starting fires).  We beat the ever-livin’ tar outta that knife!

The blade is 8CR13MOV.  It cut paper straight out of the box.   The edge needed continues touch ups after each use, but what knife wouldn’t after constantly being smashed against hard woods? Perfect!

Personally, my favorite trait about this knife, like the Utica Hunting Knife I reviewed earlier is ….. perfect balance!! Yeah, just the right amount of blade as proportioned to the handle – not too long, not too short.  I feel like I’m in touch with the entire blade, all the way to the tip!  I also felt there was enough belly to the Antelope knife to give it shoulders when prying. I know, I know, we’re not supposed to pry, but when you’re trying to peel that last sliver of fatwood from the base of the pine stump – you bend the rules a little sometimes.

In addition to the length, the spine also has thickness giving the blade more “umph!”  I immediately think of other survival knives used in shaving wood for tinder and know we would have busted those blades with the prying we did.

The sheath was a ruffle in my feathers.  While the sheath is attached to your pants belt, the button-snap closure would curl back in after the knife was removed.  When attempting to place the Kershaw Antelope back into the sheath the button-snap would be in the way.  It ended up being a 2-hand task every time…..I compare that experience to the Utica Hunting knife where the knife slimply slid back into the sheath.  Not every angle of knifing can be perfect I guess!

For the money, it’s hard to beat….near impossible actually!

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