Knife Types

Flint knife
Flint knife

Knife is the most ancient tool of mankind. It is perhaps the first instrument appeared in the human’s hand after the stick and the first manifestation of man’s intellectual ability to create tools. To creating knife is much more difficult then lifting the stone from the ground. The first master has created a sharp blade and handle comfortable for holding. Perhaps there is no tool such simple and universal as knife.

We use knives in the kitchen, at work, in travels, etc. Knife is irreplaceable in the hands of a fighter, soldier, diver, surgeon and even an astronaut.

We’ll discuss here a classification of knives depending on its purpose and size, shape and length of the blade, and so on.

Combat Knives

Marine Raider Combat Knife
Marine Raider Combat Knife

These knives are classified as cold steel (white) weapons and are usually designed for the army and different Special Forces. There are some legal restrictions in many countries. In the US all states have knife laws but some state’s knife laws are more up-to-date than others and local municipals often pass their own knife laws as well.

The main purpose of the cold steel is to defeat the enemy in close combat. In addition, it can be used for a number of other purposes – digging, cutting wires, etc. Combat knives’ huge margin of safety is enough for all kinds of actions, even not related to the main purpose.

Combat knives always have a fixed blade, since it is a strongest one. The main feature of the combat knife is a massive guard. The tactical knife has  military features designed for use in extreme situations, which may include a design capability as a fighting or combat weapon.

Throwing knives have no overhead handles and often without cutting edges.

Camp and hiking knives

These knives are easy to use and keep it in good shape. They are usually made of steel which is easy to sharpen and straighten. The handles are usually made of synthetic materials, light and practical.  Since a tourist knife is often used for slicing and cutting, it should be easy to wash. So, it is important that its handle must be solid. One of the essential attributes of a good knife is the a light, easy to wash, comfortable and practical sheath.

Outdoor Survival Camping Knife
Outdoor Survival Camping Knife

A knife for hiking tours must certainly be universal for use in any situation. They are designed for cutting branches, ropes of various thicknesses and materials. Thus, the blade often has a serrated sector. Hiking knives usually have a fixed blade. The point of the blade should not be very sharp for easy opening of canned food, but it should remain sharp for a long time. Hiking knife is often used as an ax. Its handle should be thick, and the blade must be wide to cope with shock and lateral loads.

Hunting knives

Hunting Knife Set
Hunting Knife Set

These knives have to be wear resistant and retain the sharpening for a long time. Almost all of them have fixed blade and hooks for skinning. Good hunting knife should be convenient, high-quality and practical. The handles are usually made of wood or bone. The developed guard is not obligatory.  Damask steel is interesting option for hunting knife. It is strong enough, but don’t crumble when it strikes the animal’s bone.

Folding knives

This type has the greatest variety in types, sizes and purposes. It’s main feature is a foldable blade that makes it more compact convenient for everyday use.


These folding tools are used in a multifunctional applications, and always include a knife.

Knives for special purposes

In this category are knives for use in specialized professional areas, for example, medical scalpels, knives for rescuers, divers, for a garden work, etc.

Kitchen knives

Kitchen knife is required attribute in any household. We use it everyday for slicing vegetables, bread, meat, and so on. Kitchen knives are made of stainless steel, manganese or vanadium alloys. The are easily sharpened, and also have a fairly low cost.

Ceramic knives differ from their metal counterparts with increased sharpness. Their cutting edges are not blunted for a long time, but the blades are very fragile. You should to avoid breaking the blade of the ceramic knife.

Kitchen knives should be comfortable, practical, durable, remain sharp for a long time, and if necessary, easily sharpened.

Survival knives

Survival Gear Kit
Survival Gear Kit

These knives are the last but not least in our short classification. They are usually multifunctional tools, equipped with a number of options necessary for survival in extreme conditions. For example: a compass, lighter, saw, etc.

With survival knife you can extract and prepare food; construct and repair a shelter; produce tools and weapons from wood, bone and even metal; light a fire; use it for self-defense; provide medical assistance and so on.

A universal survival knife may be a part of the kit, which includes a compass, magnesium-silicon pencil, gasoline lighter, razor or scalpel blade, capron and cotton thread, a fishing line with a sinker and hooks.


Shrimp Deveiner & Peeler
Shrimp Deveiner & Peeler

Of course, besides listed above, there are other knives so specific that many of us have never used.  These knives include shrimp knives, oyster and sandwich knives, and even a grapefruit knife designed to specially cut grapefruits.

And that’s it! All the knives I can think of for now. I must have forgotten a few, and if I did, tell me in the comment box below.


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