Pilot Survival Knife with Thermorun Handle and Zytel Sheath

The Pilot Survival Knife with Thermorun Handle and Zytel Sheath is a good sturdy knife to have when out on a wilderness adventure or if you’re scouting areas that you are not familiar with. It has a steel laminated VG10 blade that is 3 4/5 inches long. The handle is made out of thermorun while the sheath is made of zytel. The knife is 8 1/3 inches long overall.

Although only 10 customers reviewed this survival knife, it earned a perfect 5.0 average customer rating. This means that this knife had a great impact on its customers. All 10 customers individually scored this a perfect 5.

Many found that this beautiful knife was able to meet their needs and expectations. One customer who had other knives of other brands especially loved this one. He found that the weight was perfect and its thickness too. He was able to perform an array of tasks. He also found that the size of it was perfect in his large hands. It’s simple design and that the steel is resistant to rust are other features that this reviewer likes. So many other reviewers echoed his like for this knife. Many found that it was very sharp just like a razor and the edge had a good hold. Another reviewer found that the handle still was good to use even after it got wet either from rain or blood. One reviewer shared that he was able to do a clean kill with 3 grizzly bears with this knife. It’s also good to use whether for bush craft, cutting, or even just preparing a simple meal. This knife which is a bit on the expensive side is reasonable and worth its value stated one reviewer. Numerous reviewers recommend this knife and one reviewer exclaimed that he will be buying more knives from this company.

There were a few concerns regarding this best survival knife. A reviewer experienced that the no-questions-asked warranty isn’t necessarily true. Other reviewers also complained about the warranty; but like one reviewer stated, he felt that the knife was going to last a long time anyway. A few reviewers also complained that the lanyard hole should have been closer to the knife’s butt. One reviewer wished that the sheath was able to accommodate a knife that was put into it in any direction since the knife can only fit into it one way. Also, this same reviewer wished that the grip was better because he was afraid of slipping while using the knife.

Based on the ratings and experiences of the customers, we believe that this is a great survival knife. It’s simple but will do the tasks needed. It is made of great quality as noted by the customers and can serve multiple functions. Whether you’re looking for a survival knife or a knife that is an all around, this knife will meet your expectations. We highly recommend this knife.

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