Recon Scout with Kraton Handle and Plain Blade

The Recon Scout with Kraton Handle and Plain Blade might be the simple but best survival knife that you can bring with you for the next camping trip. The steel blade made out of SK5 high carbon is black which has an epoxy finish. The blade measures up to 7 ½ inches and it is 5/16 inches thick. The handle which is made out of Kraton is 5 inches long. Overall, it weighs 15 ounces. A sheath in included in the package.

Although there were only a handful of customers who reviewed this product, it left an impression because it earned an average customer rating of 4.7 out 5. We can also see in the breakdown of the scores that majority were impressed and satisfied as 81% of the customers gave this a score of 1 while scores 4 and 3 each earned only 9%.

This survival knife was liked for many different aspects. One reviewer liked how the blade was made out of steel; he mentioned that it may not be the best steel, but it really works and can be easily maintained through sharpening which is easy. On top of that, its thickness makes it worthy enough to be used as a hammer. The handle easily absorbs shock and is easy to grip even if it is wet. He noted that the handle was durable. This reviewer liked the performance of the knife so much that he bought another and sent it as a gift to his son who as at that time living in Iraq. One reviewer mentioned that he liked the sheath. The knife can be put into the sheath many different ways. Another feature that was liked about this knife was that it’s heavy enough to do other things like cut wood which makes it multifunctional. The balance as one reviewer stated was great.

There were a few issues regarding this best survival knife. One did not like the sheath. The customer who gave it a score of 3 only did so because of the possibility that this was made outside of the United States. This customer believes that for the best steel products, U.S. made products are the best.

A few concerns about this knife were raised. However, it does not erase the fact that the average customer rating for this knife is pretty high; in addition, the lowest score given was only a 3 but for the reason that it was not made in the U.S. Everyone else is happy and satisfied with its make, design, and performance. Thus, we believe that this knife will make a great survival knife when out in unfamiliar territory. In addition, this knife will be handy to have when you need to do some duty work.

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