Victorinox 47529 7-Inch Granton Edge Santoku Knife


This 7-inch Granton edge santoku knife is one of Victorinox’s Forschner knives line-up. You can ask any chef and they will tell you that any one of the Victorinox knives is an excellent knife to have in your kitchen. I mean this knife is so good it equally compares to many more-expensive knives in the market. For example a Friedr. Dick 1778 Jubilee Series 7-inch santoku knife is sold for about $600 but is it better than a Victorinox? Not really.

Victorinox 7 Inch Fibrox Pro Santoku Knife with Granton Blade
Victorinox 7 Inch Fibrox Pro Santoku Knife with Granton Blade

Why do many chefs regard a Victorinox as the best-bang-for-your-buck knife? I can tell you it’s not because of its brand but because of its high quality blade, sharpness and ease-of-handling. Whenever you buy a Victorinox knife you can bet that you will receive a razor sharp knife ready to cut, mince, slice, de-bone or any other work you can think of. It’s very durable and holds its sharpness for very long time.

The fact that the handle is made from composite plastic may be a turn-off for some. People usually associate plastic with cheap. This is actually not true. The handle of a Victorinox knife is specially made for stronger grip. Even when your hand is covered in olive oil you can still feel that the grip is amazing.

What about that granton edge stuff? What’s that all about?

In short a granton edge makes is easier for you to get rid of sticky food stuff from the knife after you cut them. You can try cutting something sticky with your everyday knife and then test it using a granton edge knife. You can really see the difference then.

So how does a 7-inch granton edge knife compared to the 8-inch chef knife?

For a home kitchen a 7-inch knife can be more useful for everyday cooking compared to an 8-inch chef knife. An 8-inch knife is more useful for large volume chopping and slicing like for the chefs in restaurants. However it all comes back to your own personal taste. If you think a chef knife is a classier one to have in your kitchen then how can I bash you? They’re both great knives with similar price tag and you will use them often in your kitchen for sure. Just note that if you have larger hands then an 8-inch or 10-inch knife would certainly feel better in your grip.

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